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“A good organization is like a box of crayons. You need different colors of the spectrum, but all the crayons should fit in the box.” 


Kristen Christianson, REALTOR®, GRI


Hey there, Kristen Christianson, realtor, founder and owner of Real Estate Simplified. My main focus is on the listing side of the business. After 17 years in the real estate business, I couldn’t be happier with how the team has grown (and continues to grow) with our amazing all-woman team. I take on each day with positivity and grit, and strive to make transitional relationships with our clients. 

Both professionally and personally, Brene Brown has inspired me. After experiencing the Brene Brown coaching programming, it has empowered me more than ever to accept myself for who I am and to not avoid difficult situations or conversations. The more authentically we all live and the more we love ourselves the greater the opportunity amongst us all to appreciate, can be open to understanding and most importantly LOVE others. Which is truly what we all need - now, more than ever.


Kelly Gaulrapp, REALTOR®, ABR


Hey there, I’m Kelly Gaulrapp. My passion is on the buying side… I love helping clients find their perfect home. I started my Real Estate Career with the RES team back in 2013. For the past 8 years, I’ve been dedicated to providing a fun and proactive experience by ensuring my clients identify and secure the right property for their needs.

I’ve found inspiration for my professional life in Barbara Corcoran. I love her leadership and how she runs her business on the attitude that happy people in business are open-minded, expandable, and dependable through the good and bad times. Corcoran said, “If you’re having fun you’re innovating,” which is how I approach both my professional and personal life.


Katie O'Shea Pederson, REALTOR®


Hi, my name is Katie O’Shea Pederson. As a new member of the RES team, I’m excited to bring my expertise of the Golden Valley, Minnetonka and Minneapolis areas to our clients. As a member of the Hopkins school board and former Minnetonka Skipper, I’m thrilled to help families buy and sell in the many amazing neighborhoods in areas near and dear to my heart. 

Catch me without a smile on my face…I dare you! I love fun and games, but don’t be fooled, I have grit! My inspiration in my professional life comes from actress Amy Schumer. A core piece of my personality is humor. I spent much of my early career (and life) believing that being funny and being smart weren't both things I could highlight. I now know that funny and smart are not mutually exclusive and it's truly the smartest women who ARE funny. I'm not sure who needs to hear this today but you can be goofy and good at what you do!


Andrea Vieyra


Hello, I’m Andrea Vieyra, Director of Operations at Real Estate Simplified. My background is in the travel and hospitality industry, specifically luxury, boutique hotels so it’s no wonder that I’m drawn to beautiful spaces and creating memorable experiences for clients. My role is to ensure that everything behind the scenes runs seamlessly; from marketing new listings, to communicating with clients to ensuring everything is set for upcoming closings. In short, it’s my job to make sure that our clients have simple, yet transformational real estate experiences. I’m honored to work for this women-owned small business and alongside some of the best in the biz! 


Dani Tait


Hi there, I’m Dani Tait, also known as “Details Dani”, the Executive Assistant and Transaction Coordinator at Real Estate Simplified. I work tirelessly to ensure our clients have the best possible buying or selling experience. From start to finish I work with each client and am in constant communication along the way to make sure everything is as simplified as possible so they have a transformative experience. I consider our team and our incredible clients as family and take much pride in ensuring that they feel that each and every day during their home journey.


Olivia Nichols


Hi, I’m Olivia Nichols, Marketing Intern for the Real Estate Simplified team. As a recent graduate from the University of Kansas, I’ve put my Marketing Degree to use by crafting social media content for the company. With a passion for writing and creating digital design, I’ve had a blast updating our clients on Minneapolis’ newest listings, home design trends and our happy buyers. It’s simple- my job is to make sure you all know what’s happenin’ with the Real Estate Simplified Team! The best part- expanding my knowledge in the industry by working with an amazing group of women!

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